Christina Mallet on Instagram, is Super Thankful.

Hi Y'all! Ordinarily, I feature a ton of photos on Thursdays, but today I feel like I need to share my experience from the past week that makes me ever so thankful to be here. It just all feels so timely.

So, I had a scare, the scare of a lifetime.

Last Tuesday, my mother-in-law from Ghana was due to arrive and as I was zooming about doing those things you only do when out of town family comes, in between making things seem way more amazing than they are in reality, I stepped into my pantry to shove something in my face.

As I stared at the shelves of non-shoving sorts of food-stuffs, a thought popped in to my head: "breast-exam". Why this popped into my head, I have no idea. I never do these exams because they have always seemed so tedious because I have dense boobies. To me, dense boobies feel like topographically rich tectonic plates, just below the surface. Check yourself and maybe you'll have a different description. Even though firm and 'textured' are how my boob-continents feel, I still felt something weird.Two hours later I had seen my primary doc and had a referral for a mammogram and ultrasound.

So to cut this short, they found something, and that something was different than the thing I found and it needed to be biopsied. Last Friday I had a a core biopsy done and I had the weekend to wait. I highly recommend you never ever do something like this on a Friday because your weekend will feel like big unfun ride down a hill of molasses.

Waiting for your biopsy results can be characterized as a dark dark period. Especially dark, when you take things they found in you and add in a family history that includes your mom having breast cancer twice.

Let me just say that in my thoughts I was already dead. My children had nice things to remember me by. Nice things like systematically archived photographs of their lives when I was there to document them, bed-time stories recorded for those first few years I was gone, when they were still little. Dark, huh?

But, all things turned out. I got a call late on Monday afternoon and I just about crumbled to the floor: Benign.

This is of course a short version of this epic that I hope to always keep in my mind's forefront, and there is one thing that I came upon in my dark dark time, when I was googling things like '40 yr old mother dead of invasive breast cancer'.  Here's what I learned. Dense breasted women out there, please take note:

1. Please have regular breast screenings (statistically dense breast are more likely to develop cancer).

2. IMPORTANT! Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT just have a mammogram if you are a dense chester! Many many abnormalities and cancers are not seen in the mammograms of dense breasted ladies.  My Mammogram was free and clear, it wasn't' until they opted to do an ultra sound, because I felt something and because I'm dense, that they saw the mass that they found in my left breast.

3. I came upon a website that you should all look at, even if you aren't a dense-chester, you likely know someone who is. So, go check out

I'd like to end the wordy bits of this post by thanking each and everyone of you who reached out to me with your support. I asked for good vibes and I received so much. Truly, I am humbled by the kindness of the human spirit, it's a beautiful thing.

Now, please enjoy the below images and have a wonderful day of giving Thanks!


Christina (@stinamallet)