Nicole Baas Photography : A Family A Home

There is something about these photos that just makes me happy!  You can just feel it with this family.  Too cute! -Sandra


From Nicole:

"Dave and Karen met in the Middle East while working for an American university, fell in love, married, and decided to settle back in Boston once their adorable son arrived. They continue to work in higher education, but what I think made this session so incredible was the way in which little Owen was so happy and interested in modeling for the camera. Typically when shooting kids of that age, I've found that they usually either want nothing to do with me or they'll just run around and want to touch all of my gear. Owen seemed to have quite the grasp on what was going on and was quite interested in smiling and making sure I captured his tricks on camera. Perhaps the intellectual curiosities of his parents are rubbing off on him at a very young age? I love doing lifestyle sessions in the homes of clients because it really captures the true essence of their daily life and how well they all live and love for each other.

A few details on the shoot: I shot both digital and film using a 5DMkIII for the digital and a Contax 645 with Portra 400 for the film."

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