Ryan Weeger: A Family of Friends

I think it's always fun to look at family work from a man's perspective.  In a field dominated by women, I find it refreshing, so thank you Ryan for sending these in.  Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. -Sandra

From Ryan:

"This family means so much to me. Natalie and Matt are two amazing selfless-in-every-way parents. Riley and Ethan are a combination of energizer bunnies and the sweetest and most tender kids you’ll have the chance to meet and laugh with. I enjoy every single minute with these guys. Together they have brought to light so many wonderful things about being a family and really enjoying everything about another person and child. Taking myself and what I am doing a tad too seriously, I am guilty of this to a fault. If you hang with them for an afternoon, all it takes is Riley singing the latest Disney sing-along, or Ethan to kick off his shoes and start giggling and rubbing his bare feet on you. You can’t help but laugh and smile, and stop worrying about the trivial. The simplest and easiest things are always the best when I let myself get there, but often so difficult to let myself be still, and see. I’m working on it.

Natalie has been an amazing friend, who opened my eyes to so many different options and avenues to pursue in photography. I am grateful to have her as a friend and someone who is always there for my wife Sarah and I. Being up in Seattle and so far from the Moser family is not easy, I miss them a ton and think of them often. Good thing I have some really neat photos from the last time we all hung out in Huntington Beach."

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