Sandra Coan: On Hybrid Shooting and Mastin Labs!

Hey Friends, We're mixing it up today.

Over the weekend I got a hold of Kirk Mastin's much anticipated Portra 400 Lightroom presets!  I was so impressed with them that I posted on image on our Facebook page and got such a response that I decided to devote an entire blog post to it.

I love shooting film, and do so when ever I can.  But the truth is, it's just not always possible.  First of all, I live in Seattle, and it's dark here, like really dark, a good part of the year.  Secondly, I work with little kids, and sometimes I just want the speed of my digital cameras.  But I do LOVE film... I love the look of film, and so, I snatch up every film preset that comes on the market.  Most of them are pretty good, but honestly, these Portra presets by Kirk  kind of blow me away!!!   Thank you so much Kirk!  These totally rock!

On Facebook, one of our readers asked where you can get your hands on these bad boys... you can get them here!  Another reader asked what I use for black and white.  I'm currently using Replichrome and have been thrilled with the results ( you can see examples here), but I also happen to know that Kirk is working on a Tri-x preset!!!  Can't wait for that!!

Have a great day!