Chelsea Scanlan: The Canlas Family

Okay.  I just love these. They are fantastic photos!  And it is so great to see Jonathan Canlas (of Film Is Not Dead fame) on the other side of the camera!  Anyone who has ever sat in a room with the man (and everyone who works on this blog has) knows how much family means to him.  It's why he does what he does.  It's inspiring.  And it's so nice to see it here on film.  What an absolutely beautiful job!

And by the way... do yourself a favor and visit Chelsea's blog....  all of her work is amazing!


From Chelsea:

"We did a family session for the Canlas Family here in Hawaii - almost a celebration of their new roots! They moved here in May and it has been so much fun to have them here! My husband and I are friends with Callie and Jon and they ended up buying a house less than a mile from our house! It's been so fun to get to know their kiddies and see all of their personalities. We went out to shoot these guys just being themselves and we got it! They are all soo happy to be here in Hawaii. I honestly think the Canlas family is thriving here and they love it. Their family is so fun and hip and a little chaotic - exactly what you would imagine! :) It was such an honor to take their photos and get little moments here and there of their family. Being a photographer, it's not very often that you get to be a part of those "moments" with your kids or spouse because you are always taking the photos! I've gotten to take photos for a few photographer families and I always try to make sure and get plenty of the photographer with their family. They cherish them. They understand what makes them so special. Jon definitely understands the importance of family photos and I'm so glad I could get some moments on film for him and Callie :) I love shooting rad photographer's families like this one! It was awesome and I'm so happy to have you feature these!"

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