Molly Matcham: A Girl and Her Cat

Happy Monday! I'm so excited to be starting the week off with these gorgeous photos by Molly Matcham.  Just beautiful and simple, a girl and her cat.  Lovely!

Thank you Molly!


From Molly: "These images were shot on my canon 1v 1.2 lens using kodak gold film, scanned and developed by The UK Film Lab. I have had my cat Milly for 13 years, my first pet after I left home so she  has been with me most of my adult life. I have two girls who love her very much and she has always been so good with them and tolerant of their love! This day Bobby was dressing up in one of my old dresses and Milly was a character in her make believe game. That and the lovely light that comes in through our attic window made me grab my camera. "

About Molly: based in the United Kingdom / website / contact / facebook