Sharon Johnson: A Birth Story

Photographing labor and deliveries is about as real as it gets! Beautiful work Sharon! -Sandra

From Sharon:

"The 3 days of being in California for this experience are somewhat a blur of no sleep, a lot of emotion, and spectacular moments.  Andrea is one of my dearest friends from college, and I was humbled and honored when she asked me to come and support her and her husband as their doula. Andrea and Tyler where amazing. Thinking about it I get so weepy. He was all and everything she needed and their love and spirit were thick and tangible. I was brought to tears many many times throughout the 2 days. Andrea endured 48 hrs of HARD labor.. HARD. She put in awe over and over again. They had planned a natural birth center birth and 5o hours after her water broke an adorable baby Watson was born via c-section."

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