Christina Mallet on Instagram: Change of Seasons

Hi and top of the Thursday to y'all!

Holy amazing week on the #LittleBellows hashtag pool, bellow-people!

Seriously, so much good to be had over on our own little slice of the Instagram interweb.

Today you'll notice images of the way mother nature is changing things--she has big plans underway.

On the heels of Autumn comes that 'other' season. Winter is the season of shooting in doors, daylight that is less than light, shortened days, and graying skies. Aren't I cheerful!?

I can't lie, thoughts of Seattle winter are creeping into my mind, but then I sat down to ponder and look at all of the beautiful images and I felt all warm and sunshiny. So, three cheers to all you and your talent, and for sharing it.

Lastly, get out there and enjoy the light and color, because it's coming to a close!


Christina (@stinamallet)