Victoria O'Leary: Moments In Time

I think I love what Victoria has to say about her photos as much as I love the photos themselves!  It's so true!  I think of all of the times I have fussed over my own kids.  Dressed them the way I want them to look.  Dragged them to my studio.  Bribed them with Legos and candy!  And at the end of it all, the photos that hang on my wall are the photos I've taken of them playing on the floor in their jammies.  Real life is so often the best, as Victoria has shown brilliantly with these beautiful photos of her daughter.  Just lovely! -Sandra

From Victoria:

"We, clients/photographers, always put so much emphasis on what clothes should be worn and how we should be styled for shoots...I am totally guilty of trying to find the PERFECT outfit for my kids to wear for photoshoots. Yet, my favorite, most treasured images are the ones that just show the person, all clutter aside. As they are, in a moment in time.

This collection is one roll of 120, of my little muse, my daughter Leighton. We had all been sick, passing it back and forth and the cabin fever was starting to take over. I had just got my Contax 645 and was itching to use it!! The light in our sunroom was so pretty and she was finally starting to feel better so she was in such a great giggly mood....I just wanted freeze time for a bit and to remember her just like that....pjs and unbrushed hair.

And after all of the mulling over what outfits she should wear in pictures....these are my favorites to date, as they are just her in that very moment."

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