Amy Rae Photography: A Beautiful Little Family

I loved these photos before I ever read what Amy had to say.  After reading the story behind them, I love them even more!  Thank you for sharing these with Amy!  What a beautiful little family! -Sandra

From Amy:

"My sister-in-law was more than willing to let me photograph her family in their backyard and I was so so in love with how the images turned out!  They are such a beautiful family.

A little back story my sister-in-law Aimee met her husband Trent and was married in less than a year.  Later when they wanted to start trying to have children they were unable to get pregnant.  Because adoption has been huge in their family (her three younger siblings, including my husband, are adopted) they felt that they were also called to adopt.  Little Kallan was welcomed into our family just over two years ago and we love her so much!  Aimee and Trent would still love to have children of their own, but are currently pursuing adoption for their second child!!  I am so amazed by their openness and faithfulness to adopting children that need loving families!"
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