Mary Gardella: iPhone-spiration

I've been sitting in my office since the arrival of my 40th birthday present, a fancy scanner for pixelizing piles of negatives. I have done little else besides scan and nerd out on how I will show a huge clump of personal work all shot on film. See, I'd much rather talk about, say Marry and her images, than my own.

And so I'm stuck and when I look at Marry's  compelling photo story below I feel a surge of inspiration. Marry, with only some some fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-ness, a beach, her kids, and iPhone created a pretty and captivating story, all shot on her iPhone.

Why didn't I think of that?

Because Marry did and she executed on it brilliantly.

This series needs an accompanying soundtrack, don't you think?

I would like to congratulate Marry for taking the bull by the horns and submitting a cohesive series byway of iPhone--we've actually never had that happen, and I'm pretty jazzed on this, and so we've decided to accept all submissions, be they DSLR, Film, or iPhone, in the same manner, namely on this blog's submission form.

Isn't that snazzy and streamlined?

So let's all bring out our inner Marry and channel a beautiful vision for a fantastic shoot and let's go shoot it! Now!

And then, let's submit it here, to the top right. Ya, up there.

And I'll scan on, but I'll take breaks to look at your pretty submissions.

Happy Tuesday!

Christina (@stinamallet)


From Marry:

"I love these images. It was an unexpected outing we took that ended up at this little beach.  Two cousins & an abandoned beach.  As the scene unfolded before me, with my trusty iphone in hand, they treated this opportunity like they been traveling for days and had discovered this little island that was all to themselves. And they took full advantage of the beauty and the desire to discover.  I was trapped in time and so were they."

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