Yuri Long: Three Generations On Film

I'm captivated by these  joyfully colorful and playful family photographs. I've looked at them over and over again--each person's face is so expressive  and bursting with love and laughter.

I do this often, when I come upon a portraits that are not only beautiful but are brimming with some magic life sauce.

Being transposed  into a photograph and feeling compelled to revisit it multiple times is something only a really successful photograph can do.

To make that successful image, a diverse skill set comes into play, and a set that is not only talent, but also a drive to master the  art and craft of photographing people and bringing out their personalities, allthewhile working the technical dance of exposure, posing, composition, etc.

From excellent wardrobe and color palette advice, the natural moments of joy captured (in tight, well-composed frames) and all with spot on exposures, one might imagine these gorgeous family photographs were  a light-hearted day in the park with a photographer who got lucky.

Luck is good, we all like luck but luck can only take us so far. To create a seamless photographic orchestra, that compells one to look again and again is not the result of  a haphazard photographic affair.

Instead, it was the work of a skilled and uber talented, bow-tie-sporting-gentleman-photographer, whose name is Yuri Long.

So with that said, go and enjoy the legacy of Yuri's labors, below.




From Yuri:

"Back in June fellow photographer, Rashmi Pappu had her parents visiting from India. She wanted to have some photos taken of her adorable girls with their grandparents, and fortunately for me we were able to meet near the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria and make it happen. I suggested the adults stick with solids, and the kids could do patterns if they wanted but they should pick out their own outfits because i wanted them to be comfortable and feel good. By chance everyone ended up choosing different colors, but I personally love the way the bright, summery look ended up working out!"

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