Sandra Coan's Friday Favorites: Happy Accident

I think that this is my favorite theme ever.  Who knew accidents could be so awesome!!!  Thank you to all who shared.  It was really hard for me to choose... so many great images! Next week the theme is going to be "Underwater".  I'm just in love with underwater images these days... can't wait to see what you have to share!  Remember to post your images to our facebook wall, sized no smaller that 600 pixels wide.

Have a great weekend!


A super happy accident...I have no idea what the bokeh is in this image but I'm guessing water droplets on my lens. It only happened on a few frames but I LOVE it! Summer Murdock Photography

Happy Accidents-my five year old decided to wave his hand in front of the lens.

Brooke Marich Photography

This photography represents things that go together in one instant and I was so LUCKY to be there in taking a picture in that exact second. The way that his favorite toy looks like is defending him from the water that his sister is shooting right at his face is priceless * big smile * Enjoy!


  (shot the house by accident and blurred the boy) kind of like he is swimming home.

Alix Martinez Photography

happy accident from that drugstore roll... this file folder is called "BeachJulyMess" by the way.

Warthan Farms Photography

Accidental double exposure, resulting in photos of both of my boys on one frame.

Sandra Coan

This accident happened when my battery died on my Contax 645. It came back to life just enough to pump out one more shot but not enough guts to wind the film along to the next frame, exposing over the top of the previous one.

Toni Raper

Happy Accident - missed my focus point shooting wide open...super stoked that I did x -

Anjie Blair Photography

Textures and overlay courtesy of holga randomness.

Stacie Turner Photography