Christina Mallet on Instagram: A Potpourri Of Styles

Happy Thursday to y'all.Before I get to this weeks gorgeous Instagram photos from the #littlebellows hashtag feed, I want to sincerely thank you all for your very kind words on Tuesday's post featuring my own Happy Accident. Sandra's post was not only a display of a screw up that I ended up loving, but also an ego unveiling and tell all of sorts. I was very fearful of putting myself out there but taking that risk was so worthwhile and I thank you all for helping me see that. XO

Okay, enough me and on to the beautiful images from this week's Instagram feed. This collection of images is certainly a potpourri of styles, color palettes and styles, but that is what makes Instagram so great--it's an unpredictable mixed bag.

When I go through the feed, which I do daily, I make a take a screenshot of images that stand out in terms of interesting compositions, juxtapositions, color, light, humor, just about anything that could make a photograph noteworthy. I try to avoid 'liking' images that are hash-tagged because I don't want to influence peoples shooting or posting. So, what I'm saying is that even though I don't manage the @littlebellows byway of a like on your feed I do notice all your creative efforts, your beautiful families, and your unique way of documenting your life. I have no protocol or rules with regard to what I select to feature, I just go from the gut, and eyes of course.

So all that said, I want to encourage y'all to keep doing what you're doing and maybe encourage you to take some risks in the way you shoot or what you post. Putting yourself out their is hard but it makes up better photographers.

And with that, I will stop my blather and let you look at the fab photos of the week.

Happy Day,


20130807-232127.jpg @chantelcheah

20130807-232620.jpg @leahk8donaldson



20130807-233521.jpg @mikkiskinner

20130807-234128.jpg @charisrowland

20130807-234440.jpg /> @sarakaleho

20130807-234857.jpg @chantelcheah

20130807-235029.jpg @vwcphotography

20130807-235215.jpg @chloeatthelodge

20130807-235430.jpg ericac4

20130807-235613.jpg @ericac4

20130807-235735.jpg @graymis

20130807-235903.jpg @meganjaeger

20130808-000120.jpg @kieraeve