Sandra Coan's Friday Favorites: You and Yours

You clever people!  Seeing all of these great photos of you all with your kids makes me think I need to step up my selfie game!!  Well done everyone!  And again, thank you to all who participated! So... I was on the phone early with my friend (and LB mobile photography editor) Christina Mallet.  We both had film disasters this week.  I accidentally double exposed an entire roll.   And I shot the roll on my Holga, so it was full of crazy light leaks.  Christina accidentally botched a roll of black and white while developing it.  Why am I telling you this?  Because we both LOVED the results!  Aren't happy accidents just the best thing ever?!  Well I think they are, and so that my friends is the theme for next week's Friday Favorites: Happy Accidents!!

To play, post your image to our Facebook wall sized no smaller than 600 pixels wide.  And be sure to tell us what went wrong and why you love it anyway.  I cannot wait to see your awesome disasters!!

Have a great weekend,


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