Ali Deck Photography: Kids In The Woods

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm a not a strong camper.  In fact, last year, my husband bought me a little magnet with the caption "I love not camping", and I display it proudly.  But I'll be honest, these pictures and Ali's sweet story almost make me want to take to the woods.  Almost... -Sandra Coan

From Ali:

"Once upon a time before kids, Eric and I would throw our camping gear (and our dog) in the back of our car and set off, not knowing where the road would take us. These days with three little boys, rarely does a road trip happen that isn't methodically planned out. We hadn't been camping in a few years and we decided to take our older two and leave our littlest at home with his Mimi. It was a beautiful memorable weekend. We all pitched the tent together, cooked together, and laughed together. We went on a night hike and saw many critters, the boys had a ball. While we were packing up to go home, Kai brought me a rock that he had found, it was in the perfect shape of a heart..... that pretty much summed up our camp out in Athens, Ohio."

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