Sandra Coan's Friday Favorites: Neighborhood

I think this is my favorite theme yet.  It's so fun to see where you all live, and to hear your stories!  I'm a little sad that it has to end.  And please know that if I could, I would have featured each and every post... so good!!! Next week I'll be looking for your "Favorite Place".  Can't wait!

have a great weekend,



This picture was taken at a lovely beach that is 10 minutes from my home.  Downtown Seattle is also about 10 minutes from where I live.  I can walk my boys to school.  Walk to my studio.  And walk to a ton of great restaurants bars and coffee shops.  Most importantly, I have the kind of neighbors that will holler at my kids when they are out of line, or hug them if they are hurt.  They all have a key to my house, and I to theirs.  We share things and look out for each other.  I count my lucky stars every day to live where I live!  And I'm so happy that my kids get to grow up here! - Sandra Coan



thanks to the rain, our corn is the tallest it has ever been... and we can't see much of our neighborhood beyond our own house. ‪#thankful‬  - Warthan Farms Photography


Our new neighbourhood - the desert. - Emma Wood


North Dallas Neighborhood 4th of July Parade... my daughter in the red tank top leading the band, lol... my neighborhood because everyone is soooo friendly here!! - Amy K. Abney


at the {neighborhood} park...I live in Utah and pretty much have mountain views on every side of me! Love it! - Summer Murdock Photography


 We live in Abu Dhabi, it's reported to be the worlds richest city - we don't live in the fancy bit though, we live in the grungy downtown bit and we love it and all the convenience of having little places to pop out to all around us - like this juice shop, just metres from our apartment-Kirsty Larmour Photography |

Being on the East Coast of Australia, we spend a lot of time outdoors. Most of the neighbourhood kids ride their skateboards, scooters and bikes up and down our street. There's a hill at the end they like to pick up a bit of speed on. - Kathryn Jewkes Photography


 we live in a good old pure texas neighborhood. block parties every weekend, american AND texas flags flying, borrow eggs from your neighbor, walking distance to the elementary school kinda place... - chubbycheekphotography


 I live in rural Southern Ontario Canada on a gravel road leading to nowhere. The very few families that live on our road all have kids the same age. Farm families don't move. My children are the 6th generation to grow up on this farm. These kids play together now and most likely, when they are adults will still live within eyesight of each other. Just like their parent's. And their grandparent's before them. Sherri Davis Photography


 We moved to Naples, Italy the end of last year. Our neighborhood is amazing, but it's shops and shops and shops...and then we have our park. It's like our shared backyard and gives us a chance for some moments of peace in our otherwise hectic neighborhood. - Amanda Voelker Photography

Neighborhood. Military housing where your neighbors become your family! Becca Wohlwinder Photography