Christina Mallet on Instagram: Featuring Independence


Happy 4th of the July!

Independence has so many different meanings and applications for each of us. Here are some my favorite Instagram images hash-tagged with #littlebellows_independence.

Congrats to the owners of the photos you see here and a big thank you for participating.

You can check out each photographer's Instagram feed it's linked to their Instagram alias, below each image.

Also, be sure to check out the @littlebellows Instagram feed for news on a new challenge for next week and other exciting things.

Have a great day, and night, and be safe!




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leahk8donaldson                                                                                     leahk8donaldson


novelphoto                                                                                               novelphoto


megangray0608                                                                                              leahk8donaldson


@_staciakelly                                                                                            meghanboyer