Sandra Coan Photography: Documenting Cat, Jim, Lulu & Veronica.

Today I get to talk out of turn, for a great set of images by Sandra. Yes, The Sandra Coan. And since we're taking it to the source, said photos are of none other than Cat (Thrasher), her husband Jim, who is also Sandra's brother, and their gorgeous daughters Lulu and baby Veronica. Sandra took these after we finished our workshop with Jonathan Canlas (aka The Prince of Film... is not Dead). And so, being the stellar photographer and workshop-ee, Sandra shot Cat & family using film.

You take an amazingly talented, hard-working and successful photog and pair her with another photographer of the same caliber, and with an exceptionally beautiful family, add in some film and this is what you get. As I once heard someone say, it will rock your face off, in a good way.

Cheerio, Christina