Sandra Coan's Friday Favorites: Vacation

Oh friends,  I loved all of your vacation photos!  I'm getting itchy to go on one myself!!  Hmmmm... let the planning begin! So for next week, I orgioanlly thought we should have  "4th of July" for our theme.  But then I thought that it might exclude our international readers from the fun.  So then I thought, "fireworks"...but I don't totally love that idea either.  So instead, our theme for next week's Friday Favorites will be "Independence".  I'm so curious to see what you will come up with for this one!  Can't wait!

Have a great weekend,


Kim Hill Photography

Life Aglow

Warthan Farms Photography

Photography by Rebecca Leimbach

Ali Deck photography

Irmina Walczak

Alix Martinez Photography

Ann Woodard, Photographer