Christina Mallet on Instagram: Follow-agram

  Hi and Happy almost end of the week!

Today, we're taking a little intermission so that I can show you three feeds on Instagram that I think are worthy of your follow, and I thought it might be a good time to  remind you of the amazing Instagramers I've featured in the past.

So, to start things off, I think you should check out @passionpassport's feed. Here's why: It's a beautifully curated feed with stunning images from around the world.

Sitting at home with the blahs? Problem, sort of, solved. Take a trip via @passionpassport !

The next two feeds are both visually striking but for different reasons.

@whitestwalker feed is simply mindblowingly gorgeous. There's something very, for me at least, quieting about this collection of photos. Perhaps it's that each item, or shape of emphasis, in the frame is perfectly balanced. I know where I'm supposed to look and nothing else distracts me. This is a big deal because I'm distracted 127% of the time. There's something calming here.

The next feed I think you should check out because you have a fine-tuned appreciation for portraiture, you're a human, and most certainly a caring one. There is just good good stuff happening at @charitywater. Beautiful portraits and global scenes of people getting their clean water drink on. Amazing work they are doing, all around. Go check it out.

And lastly, in case you missed any of my past Thursday features, you can use the linked list of Little Bellows Instagram Features to get yourself up to speed. If you want to read all of the features  here you go, it's all ready and waiting for you.

Have a great weekend!



Little Bellow's Instagram Thursday Featured Photographers: