Roxanne Ricciardi Bryant, J is for Jane: When Seven Sounds Like Thunder

Love these gorgeous photos, and love what Roxanne has to say about them.  As the mother of two seven year olds, I can totally relate.  Beautiful! -Sandra

From Roxanne:

"We are connected as mothers through both beautiful and stormy moments.  There is no perfect relationship with our children, and as I write/photograph/blog about the raw truth of our daily life, I somehow stumble upon deeper connection with my kids, as well as other mothers who feel the same.  It always brings me back to the true beauty of art:  finding community & connection.  For as I struggle to find a path to parent my wild and lovely seven-year-old daughter, I hope in sharing these words and photos someone else can identify, connect, and believe in the way they too are handling this amazingly challenging job --- being a mom."


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