Lindsey Bergstrom Photography: Freelensing

Lindsey Bergstrom knows how to tell a story. She finds angles and light and moments of stillness and power that slip by most of us. She can take a photo of her child napping on the living room couch and it feels quietly epic, painfully true. She takes pictures that reach beyond what is pretty, what is happy, and let's us see what is. The nuances, the subtleties, the unspoken, the off beats, are the places she shines a soft spotlight. I see a person who knows how to live in the real world, knows how to pay attention beyond what will make her pictures shine. I see a strong and clear and confident vision, that remains as she breaks all the rules and makes her own. - Amy Grace

I started freelensing when I was looking around for an alternative to a tilt shift. It is basically the poor man's tilt shift. Freelensing is using a lens without attaching it to your camera so you can move the lens around and change your focal plane. This is different than a lensbaby which gives you a "sweet spot" of one focal point. What I love about freelensing is the mystery the light gives as it bends around the lens and creeps into the image. I also love how you can use the curve of the lens glass to give different bending affects.

I am always pretty straightforward with my photography...having a documentary background. Freelensing, however, has given me a creative license to explore and be a bit messy. I like figuring out the capabilities of freelensing but I also like how I change an entire image with just moving the lens slightly. As with any creative endeavor that you sinks into you and has a life of its own. I'm not sure what role freelensing will play in my work...but for now I am having fun.

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