I Have Something to Say About FIND!

I’m not a writer. When it comes to blog posts I usually take the “less is more” approach and let the photos speak for themselves.  But when I find something that I love, I feel that it is my obligation to tell the world about it.  In this case, what I found was FIND and I have something to say!

Every year I go to a workshop.  I usually try to find one in the Virginia area, so that I can also visit my brother Jim and sister-in-law Cat Thrasher (aka the co-founder of Little Bellows).  So when Cat called and told me that Jonathan Canlas was hosting a Film Is Not Dead workshop in DC, it was a no-brainer.  I had been wanting to go to a FIND workshop for years!  And Cat was going!  So was my friend Christina Mallet!  So, I signed up too.

What I expected from the workshop was what I expect out of every workshop I take.  I’d learn something new, meet a few people and get to go on a trip that I could write off.

What I got out of the workshop has changed me.

Yes, I’ve learned how to shoot film better (okay, a lot better).  But I’ve been inspired in a way I didn’t think was possible.

Before the workshop, I never, NEVER shot personal work.  EVER.  I did my thing at the studio, and I came home.  I certainly didn’t seek out off-hour picture taking.  Since being home however, I can not put my camera down.  I’m recruiting friends.  I’m photographing strangers.  I’m seeking it out.  And I’m reading about it.  And dreaming about it.  I’m shooting personal work again!

Why?  Because FIND has snapped me out of a funk I didn’t even know I was in.  Jon reminded me why I do what I do!  Because I’m a story teller, and taking pictures is how I tell my stories.  It’s how I show love.  What I do matters.

On the last day of class Jon said that we were all a family now.  I believe it.  I kind of love these people!

And, I now have a network of incredibly talented artists I can learn from!   I can ask questions without judgement.  I can share work I’m proud of.  It’s amazing.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Because if you read Little Bellows then I know that you love photography.  I know that you, like me, are a story teller.  I also know that you would frickin’ LOVE the FIND workshop.  LOVE.

Sooo.... because I care, and because I would love to see you become apart of the FIND family,  I’ve added a link to Jon’s workshop schedule for 2013/2014.  (When you sign up, be sure to tell him I sent you!)

I want to thank Jon for being so awesome and for being such a huge inspiration to me.   I'd also like to thank each and every person that I was lucky enough to meet while at the DC workshop.... you all rock.


- Sandra Coan