Christina Mallet on Instagram: Featuring Kirsty Larmour

Hiya! Today I'm continuing the 'travel byway of Instagram' theme that I introduced last week with my feature of Leah Donaldson's work.

This week Kirsty Larmour @kirstylarmour is showing us her home. I know her images will inspire your day, pique your curiousity, and maybe even get you dreamming of far away places.

So it's like this: Kirsty and her family have been living in the city of Abu Dhabi, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for 5 years.Prior to Abu Dhabi, they were in China--Kirsty and her people are global citizens.

Apart from breathtaking surroundings, Kirsty's images are captivatingly gorgeous because they are full of light, color, and interesting juxtapositions.

But it's not just the text book beauty and exotic locale that I find so spellbinding, it's also the insider view her photos give me to an unfamiliar world.

Here's a list of what I'm so taken with:

I love a gal who rolls with the locale flavor, and Kirsty in traditional dress, wearing a abiyah is fabulous.

Mosques, regardless of your religious affiliation, are beautiful. If you haven't visited one, and you get the chance to do so, do not pass it up.

I adore the juxtaposition of her little blonde daughters learning to play chase the wheel (is that what it's called?) with a group of Arab gentlemen. So striking and really sweet too.

The wheel photos and the photo of her daughters in their ballet clothes, are great reminders that kids are kids where ever they are, and that our world is much smaller and friendlier than we may imagine.

Be sure to check out @kirstylarmour 's feed on Instagram--you'll be glad you did.

Happy Day! Christina