Christina Mallet on Instagram: Featuring @leahk8donaldson

One of the things I love so much about Instagram is e-travel. I commonly do Instagram hash-tag searches to find images from places I want to go or am curious about.

Here's why I do this, maybe you can relate.

With two kids, 4.5 cats, 20 soon-to-be-hatching chicken eggs, 3 fish, and a husband, I find, like most adults, that I have little extra time to gallop across the globe, like I used to.

And so, Instagram has become my travel agent of sorts. Lucky you to be reading this because today we're heading to Scotland, byway of Leah Donaldson's images.

While going through Leah's Instagram feed, I was immediatly drawn to her series featuring her daughter in a tutu. I'm a sucker for a photos series-- I admire the consistency and diligence it takes to keep one going. And really, how can the juxtaposition of a young girl tutu-ed the Scottish landscape not compel you to stop and engage?

Leah's images transport me to Scotland, a Scotland of fog filled valleys and empty spaces dotted with ancient ruins.

And because there's more awesome to be had, she adds in one fantastically brilliant juxtaposition, her daughter, in brightly colored, modern clothing up top and with a flowing tutu below.


In Leah's words:


I would like to give a quick reason why the TUTU features so much! I am an Australian natural light family portrait photographer, married to a Scotsman, living the life in Scotland (10 years now ahhh!).

I am travelling down a personal 'photo' road at the moment, with my muse - my 8 year old daughter - and we are photographing her with the TUTU, around the world...until she grows out of it.

So we are certainly embracing Scotland presently, and capturing this beautiful country. I thought I would just mention it, so everyone doesn't think she just wears that daily..although she does do that!


All of this equals one ghosty, ethereal, hauntingly beautiful series of photos.

And so, I am e-smitten on @Leahk8donaldson, and I therefore urge you to go visit her Instagram feed and show her some love!


Happy Thursday!



P.S. I'm always looking for new people to feature and am especially interested cohesive series that illustrate your world and the world abroad in a unique and refreshing way.

If you have any ideas on that or want to submit yourself, drop me a line on the Little Bellows Instagram feed