Katy Tuttle Photography: Just Being

These images seem to come from somewhere else. They are artful, intimate, full of texture, richness. I almost forget there was a photographer behind the camera, capturing the way this family feels about each other and the new life coming in to their world. Katy is the kind of special, warm, kind person who is able to bring out the most natural parts of her subjects. We see who they are. We see who she is too. The right heart and eye can elevate simple pictures into another realm. That is how i feel about these, and about Katy's talent. - Amy Grace

From Katy:

this was a family/ maternity shoot for a lovely friend of mine.. her baby is due ANY MINUTE! ...i am awaiting the call... she is letting me photograph! can hardly contain myself.

if i could say one little thing about this art, i would say this:

honesty, is love. both are hard to perform. so don't. just being, just breathing...with each other, is enough.

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