Yuri Long: Springtime in Washington DC

Hello!! I've just returned from my trip to Washington DC where I attended the Jonathan Canlas Film Is Not Dead workshop.  The trip and the workshop were beyond awesome!!  As soon as I get my film back, I'll be sure to share more.  But I will say, if you are at all interested in learning about film, or if you just want a big ol' dose of inspiration, I HIGHLY recommend the FIND workshop... it was truly amazing!!

One of the great things about the trip was meeting the fantastically talented group of photographers that were there!  One such person is Yuri Long.  His work is thoughtful and beautiful, and I've been a fan of his for a while.  So I was thrilled to come home and find this submission waiting for me in my in-box.

Thank you Yuri for sharing your beautiful work with us!  And it was such a pleasure meeting you!

-Sandra Coan

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