Tytia Habing Photography: The Art of Family

  Tytia Habing makes life feel heavy and light at once. The way she frames childhood so brilliantly displays it as on the edge. The edge of experience, of knowledge, of innocence, of the world itself. Every picture is a reminder that kids are not all sunshine and rainbows and perfect, joyful light. Kids are thoughtful, complicated, talented, knowing, strong. Kids are full of the very same shades of grey as grown ups. Kids are beautiful products of their changing environments. They are mirrors of the world, who shine brighter, are more piercing.

These images are a perfect symbol of summer's freedom, the way we can wear it like a garment, an attitude. The connections are real world ones. Nothing forced, posed, staged, even encouraged. Just pure childhood, the way it unfolds between kids of different ages, who are together, who love each other.

- Amy Grace

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