Sandra Coan's Friday Favorites: Mother

Wow Wow Wow!!!!  Your photos this week were so beautiful!!!!  And the ones that weren't "beautiful"  were so spot on that they made me cringe, smile and cry a little all at the same time!  You all rule!! Next week I will be in Washington DC with my dear friends Cat Thrasher and Christina Mallet attending Jonathan Canlas' Film Is Not Dead work shop!!! I am out of my mind with excitement.  My only wish is that Amy Grace could be there as well!

So, as most of the Little Bellows team will be busy busy busy, and because we didn't think it would be very nice to leave Amy with all of the work, we will be taking the week off!  We will be updating the Facebook page however,  and sharing our adventures on Instagram (@littlebellows).... so you will know what we are up to!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and I'll see you back here on May 27th!


-Sandra Coan

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