Christina Mallet on Instagram: Featuring Emma Wood (@emma___wood)


Hi Bellow-ites & Happy Almost Friday!


Today I'm excited to share Emma Wood's beautiful small camera work, byway of her Instagram photos (on IG she goes by @emma___wood (which contains 3 undersscores))

You might be familiar with Emma and her amazing work--maybe it's because she was a Little Bellows guest blogger and a big camera feature last June.

Or, if those two instances don't ring a bell, then maybe it's Emma's work with Clickin Moms, which she elaborates on in her interview at the end of this post.

Bottom line: Emma Wood is a busy busy lady!

When I was looking through Emma's Instagram feed, I found it interesting that although her work is made byway of a modern device, her images have a distingctive vintage, almost painterly, quality.

Let me dust off my soapbox: Small cameras can make art too! And so I'm thinking Emma's work should be printed big, I mean really big, as if her photographs were paintings.

For a glimpse into Emma's process creating those images, be sure to check out her interview below, as well as her Instagram feed for some mobile photography inspiration!





Q:  Where are you located?
EW: I live in a very small Village in the heart of Somerset in England. Not for much longer though, In a few months, my family and I will be moving to the UAE which will be exciting and something completely different. I'm looking forward to some desert pictures and lots of light.



Q: How has incorporating mobile photography into your personal work affected your day, either personally or professionally, or both?
EW: My mobile photography fits right in with my life. I find it a refreshingly raw and organic way to document the moments that are happening before my eyes every day.  My husband works away from home and we've had a difficult year of living apart because of it,  but we chat all of the time, so I always have my phone with me everywhere I go.  It's like a little extension of me, and my children will verify that - they joke that they don't remember what my right hand looks like without my iphone.  I usually take pictures of just the every day with my children, it's nice for my Husband to see what's going on at home, and it helps him to not feel so far away. I almost always edit my images in the school carpark.  I have to get to my daughters school about 25 mins early so that I can find a parking spot, and instead of being bored, I love knowing that I'll have time to edit my pictures. I then have another 20 mins to  wait at my Sons school - time for a few more edits ;)



Q: Do you have a process or workflow for your mobile work? What is it? What apps do you use?
EW:I do absolutely have a process that works for me.   I mainly use VSCO Cam, Afterlight and SquarereadyPro.  Usually I'll edit with VSCO, I love this app because it emulates film images and it just fits my style so well.  I then take them into Afterlight where I will straighten, maybe add a touch of 'Frost' or a texture and then I crop.  If I'm using a crop that isn't square, I'll always use SquarereadyPro to import my images into Instagram, that way I know that they'll have the white background that I like.  After that it's off to Instagram where I post my images, the ones I like the best, I will share on Facebook. I hardly every use the filters on Instagram but I have used Hudson very occasionally. PicTapGo is another app that I'm trying out.



Q: What inspires you? (this can be anything or anyone-not necessarily limited to mobile photos)
EW: Life inspires me.  From my children to a beautiful pocket of light.  I probably take far too many pictures but I can't get enough of recording moments that I find amazing.  Little fragments of time that I don't let pass me by.  I'm probably a little obsessed, but I'm ok with that!



Q: Give me a handful of Instagram (or non-instagram) people whose work you admire.
EW: So many people on instagram who I admire. becky_earlfreckledmommyetstsaraparsons,
ryanmuirheaddeb_schwedhelm to name but a few.



Q: You’re pretty active on Clickin Moms, tell me about that.
EW: I love Clickinmoms, and feel blessed every day to be a Mentor over there.  It's changed me not just as a photographer but as a person.  It's the most amazing place full of wonderful, kind generous women who all want to learn, grow and share their love for photography.  I'm writing a ClickinMoms workshop at the moment that's due to run end of August, it's very exciting and scary both at the same time.



Q:You have 7 children, do you photograph all of them? Do you have specific photos that you seek out from each kid, because they have a certain look or persona?
EW: Yes, I do have 7 children.  All mine, all fruit-loops and it's a crazy house but I love it.  I don't photograph them all all of the time because I'm very respectful of the fact that the older kids need and want their privacy.  So if I 'happen' to take a picture of any of them, I ask permission before I post them anywhere.  The little ones, you'll see a lot more of because they're always with me and because they don't say no ;)  I'm making the most of the time that I have before I get the hand up in front of their faces or run a mile when they see my Iphone or camera. They each have their personalities which definitely makes a difference as to the kind of images  that I capture.  My youngest one is a real goof-ball and very cute with it, so we get some fun images, whereas my 7yr old daughter is more serious and emotional - which comes across in my images of her.  But I know that they have played a huge role in allowing me to really find out what kind of a photographer I am.  Without them, I wouldn't be me.