Christina Mallet on Instagram: Featuring @GrayBenko

Hiya y'all, As you probably know, the topic for this week's Friday Favorites is 'Shenanigans.'

Personally, I feel shenanigans, always, make the world a better place. Don't you?

And because I'm so altruistic, I've made the executive decision to feature the shenanigan inspired work of  one @GrayBenko.

Her work isn't just funny, it's also the perfect example of how comedy and art can go hand in hand.

Gray's creativity, art-director- like eye, sense of humor, natural talent, and  fine art background, come together to create photographs that are unique and inspired.


And so my friends, go on and let your day be art and Shenanigan inspired!


And of course, please go visit @graybenko 's Instagram feed--It's an elixir for the serious and crabby artist in all of us!


Happy Thursday,