Friday Favorites: YOUR favorites

"such beauty that for a minute
death and ambition, even love,doesn't enter into this. happiness. it comes on unexpectedly. and goes beyond, really, an early morning talk about it."

- raymond carver

when i try to pick out my favorite pictures, my best pictures, i usually get caught on the ones about who we really are. and it is hard to narrow it down. the best images i ever witness and make, are not about playing to the audience, but about a seed of something, a small story of person, a piece of love with a heart of truth. it is hard to pick favorite moments, pivotal ones, as we live them. sometimes they happen before they can sweep us off our feet, leaving us forever longing. and that is one of the gifts of photographs: they sort out life for us. taking pictures heightens your senses. your eyes suddenly have feelings. while maybe at first, you really have to try to pay attention to light, to what someone is wearing, to the clutter in a room, eventually this stuff starts falling away, as does your camera and its settings. and once you break through that layer, your camera becomes an extension of memory. maybe the most precious thing we have, aside from right now.

so many images that made the whole world stop, this week. we are all part of the same one world, but oh, the many universes we know. as i went through these pictures, i was struck with the thought that each one meant so much to someone. beautiful work, with care, with thought, with feeling...yours.

- Amy Grace, A Beautiful Life Photo


Kirsty Larmour Photography

J is for Jane

Bethany Petrik Photography

Jenny Modesitt Photography

Celeste Jones Photography

Emily Robinson Photography

Lindsey Bergstrom Photography

Meghan Boyer Photography

Melissa Weicker . Photographer

Annie Otzen Photography

Eleanor Haley Photography