Jennifer Warthan of Warthan Farms Photography: A Boy On His Farm

Dirty, barefoot and caring a big stick! Could these photos be anymore "boy"?!  Love them! Beautifully shot and lots of fun.  Thanks Jennifer!! -Sandra

Jennifer is such a down to earth person, with exceptional talent and joy for what she does. Seeing what she is doing with film, from start to finish, is as inspiring as the warmth and truth of her pictures. the way she and her family live, the landscape of their lives is so pure and nostalgic in itself. these portraits are free and touching and wild and timeless. film is such a perfectly organic medium for the kind of life she's sharing here. the closeness and expansiveness she captures are such beautiful ways to show his spirit, his size, his adventures.

- Amy Grace

From Jennifer:

" My little boy... on his land... doing what he does best. Scooters, sticks, lots of dirt and all with a mischievous look on his face.

Shot on 35mm with a combination of Portra 160 and 400."

About Jennifer:  based in Virginia / website / contact / facebook