Photography by Jen Davis: Adorable Baby in a Basket

If I'm being completely honest, then I have to tell you that I typically shy away from "baby in a basket" photos.  There is something about the trend of putting newborn babies in baskets (and such) that I don't get.  But when these adorable newborn photos came in, and I saw this tiny peanut of a baby all swaddled and looking up at me from that basket, my heart melted!  So. Cute.   This one picture has changed my opinion... so well done!  This entire session is impeccably shot!  Such a beautiful use of light, and such a sweet little family!  Thank you so much for sharing Jen! -Sandra

From Jen:

"I strive with every session to make candid and real art for my clients.  It takes them trusting me...and just forgetting I'm there.  This session was really special.  So often I get moms who do not want to be in front of the camera when I come to photograph their new babies.  But I gently nudge them to do so, because the bond between mom and her child will always be there, but it will never be so new.  And in this newness, there is such beauty.

This little boy was an absolute dream to shoot.  When he was alert, which was often, he was just so content, taking it all in.  The eye contact was amazing.  And in the end, he finally rested and I was able to get some images that Mom was dying for.  "

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