Christina Mallet on Instagram: Featuring Debbie Wibowo @debbiewibowo

Well Hello there! And a very Happy Thursday to you! I feel the twang of Spring in my bones and so I'm featuring some work that will I hope give you a good dose of that feeling, even if the Mother Nature vs. Jack Frost smackdown is on.

Today, I'm featuring the phone photography of one Debbie WibowoΒ . You may recognize her name-- she was a Little Bellows feature way back in 2012.

What I love about her work is her use of bold color and graphic elements, allthewhile there's a soft and dreamy, sort of cotton candy-ish feeling.

Speaking of candy... True, there is no food present in the photos below but they are so magically vivid in color, I even feel like this about the b&w images, that I'm immediately reminded of the hues of the hard candy in my grandmother's crystal candy dish.

Many of Debbie's images feature her daughter in and around NYC, but looking at her images, I feel transported Β to a bucolic setting, even with the often-present concrete in her photos.

I could write a whole lot about Debbie's work, but I want you to do what you came here to do, namely see the daily offering of eye candy. And so, I'll wrap up this post with the words of someone near and dear to Little Bellows fans far and wide, namely Amy Grace, who wrote "debbie, your pictures are crossing the line to another dimension of beauty."