Kelsea Fehlen, Simplee Photography: Magical Things

“Childhood is the world of miracle or of magic” -Eugene Ionesco

I am absolutely in love with these photos by Kelsea Fehlen of Simplee Photography.  I can't get enough of that chubby little superhero and his fairy side-kick!!  So beautifully shot, and such a special time in childhood to capture.

If I'm being completely honest, then I have to tell you that these photos made me a little teary.  It used to be that one, or both of my boys would be in some kind of dress up outfit at least once a day.  Harvey went to preschool dressed as a Dalmatian for an entire week once!  They used to dress up and get lost in this magical world of pretend and it was so much fun just to sit and watch.  I'm sad to say that the older they get, the less I see of it.  They still will play like this from time to time, but it's not every day.  And while I know it's a part of growing up, and I find joy in the new interests they have, I miss my own little chubby superheros!  If the parents of the two little cuties loved these photos when Kelsea shot them, then they are going to absolutely CHERISH them the older these two get!

- Sandra Coan

From Kelsea:

"I have long felt that the innocence of childhood is some kind of magic all to it’s own.  That it is a time when dreams have no limit and imaginations take flight…a time when fairies are real and there is nothing in the world stopping you from being a superhero.  It is a time to be cherished…preserved…protected.

This was the mindset that I approached the Play + Pretend Mini Sessions with — a style of session that, as a mother, I hold dear to my heart.  So when a very dear friend of mine came to visit with her own two children, the opportunity for an early Play + Pretend session presented itself, and we couldn’t resist.

It was a delightfully fun 15 minutes filled with dancing, racing, and childhood laughter :)"

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