Sandra Coan's Friday Favorites: Imperfect

There was so much awesomely perfect imperfection happening on the Little Bellows Facebook page this week that I could hardly stand it!  I loved it all so much!! Thank you to  everyone who participated! For next week's theme I've decided on "Easter" ( I love holidays!!)  Can't wait to see what you post!  For those of you who may be new to Little Bellows, you can submit images for Friday Favorites by simply posting an image to our Facebook wall (no smaller than 600 pixels wide)

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Lindsey Zovko


Heather Lindsey Robinson

Maria Manco Photography

J is for Jane

Polina Bulman Photography

Maria Manco Photography

Annie Otzen Photography

Gingersnap Photographs

Minus the Tail Photography

DeAnna McCasland Photography

Emily Robinson Photography

Applestar Photography

Elaine Melko Photography and Illustration

Selina Jacobs Photography