Christina Mallet on Instagram: Featuring DeAnna McCasland - @deannamccasland

Holy mobile phone bonanza! This week, my inbox is overflowing with amazing-ness, from Mobile-Capturing-Bellow-ites near and far. Case in point, @deannamccasland  's images below, coming to us from Virginia.

This post features all black and white, as you can see, but I want to let you know that DeAnna did not just send me fab black and white. She also sent me color, really off the charts color.

With a collection of images so solid, I feared running a color combo would hurt your eyeballs, from rad.

And so, I've decided to run @deannamccasland 's images on two separate weeks. I think you'll be happy about that.

Please visit her IG feed and also check out her big camera portfolio!

Have a super-duper Thursday!