Christina Mallet on Instagram: Featuring Meredith Magnusson (@Mumphotos)

Squares can pose a tricky composition problem. What goes in that square? What stays in and how can I to balance it all out, so that my image is not as boring as the shape it will sit in? When shooting square, I find the need to tweak the balance of what's in my frame, to make up for its perfect symmetry. Given the space constraints of 'el box', less can be more. In fact nothing can be more and that nothing is negative space.

I find that a big hunk of nothing (aka negative space) to the top, bottom or side of my subject can turn things into minimalist gems, much like Meredith's photos, below.

Meredith keeps her frame uncluttered. I know exactly where to look. Thank you Meredith. Thank you negative space. Thank you a dash of interesting light, some leading lines and a few shapes to draw my eyes to her gorgeous daughter.

Case in point below: Three perfect, very frightening circles, aka bubbles, floating down down down, from the mid-left to center of the frame.... and where do my eyes go? Blam, right there! On that cute, albeit terrified, little face at the bottom right of the frame. BaZow! That's the sound of Meredith hitting the composition jackpot!

And she does it again and again. And I love that.

So, go show Meredith some Instagram love @Mumphotos

And remember, less is almost always more, especially in a square.

Happy Thursday y'all,