Christina Mallet on Instagram: Featuring Nichole Reid @reidclan4

Someday, Nichole Reid's collection of iPhone images, and likely her big camera images, will be treasures to her children, and rightly so.  From mother and child, to trauma of a child's haircut, her images perfectly convey the moment, no words needed. They are timeless and archetypal in their portrayal of motherhood, childhood, and sibling-hood. Growing up, one of the biggest influences that steered me to choose photographer as my final title was the photography book The Family of Man, from MoMa's 1955 exhibition curated by Edward Steichen.

The collection is organized into the themes of life, birth, childhood, love, etc, etc. Fascinated, I would pour over it and again, and I still often do--my mom gifted me the book a few years back.

I can easily imagine Nicole's photographs in that book of timeless photographs.

Enjoy Nichole's images below.

Happy Thursday,