Lexia Frank: Lifestyle Session in Beautiful Florida

Lexia Frank is a long time favorite of mine!  Her work has a magical quality to it that is soft and dreamy.  I love each and every one of these!  Thank you for sending them our way Lexia! - Sandra Coan

One of my favorite photographers in the whole world. And as I look through these, that feeling is reinforced with every single frame. Lexia captures the sublime, the authentic life, the precious nuances of a moment like no one else. And it all feels effortless, like there is grace moving her to push the shutter. The diversity of her images reflects all the thousands of different connections and situations that present themselves as you meet a family. And she notices everything in all its beauty. We see them unfold before us. We see them blossom. Portraits of families from the inside out. This is how it's done. And on film...

- Amy Grace


From Lexia:

"I went to this couple's home and spent the morning with them- photographing all the natural moments at home.  we later ventured out to a local park, where we happened upon this bridge with the beautiful oak trees sprinkled with spanish moss.  it had been a cloudy overcast day, but as they stepped out on to the bridge the sun came out from behind the clouds and illuminated them and the spanish moss. such a beautiful moment, and such an incredible thing to just happen upon.  So happy i was able to capture this for them on film! "

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