Monika Manowska: Julia With Flower

Monika Manowska is one of my favorite portrait photographers around.  Her work is so simple, and so beautiful.  To me, it's perfection!  We launched Little Bellows with Monika's work way back last May and I'm so very happy to be featuring her work again!  Thank you Monika!!  You inspire me!! -Sandra Coan

Simple can be the most beautiful spotlight. Every person is a story in themselves, a world, a wonder. Monika has a gift in making portraits that give off a quiet, which pierce us, which show the whole person, inside and out. I am so inspired by her passion and focus. When i see her work, i see that it is part of her, seemingly effortless, with such clarity and ease. I suspect that ease comes from a richness of vision that is anything but simple, but the light that she creates makes everything seem so clear. These portraits are as lovely as all of the rest. They are timeless.

- Amy Grace

From Monika:

"aha the story behind, well not to so much story... you give me a child in a room and I must photograph them. Julia is my godchild, and when we lived in Spain we couldn't meet often. Now we are in the same town so I'm so lucky to be able to photograph her every time I see her. The funny thing is she knows this and always comes to me and asks : "Monika where are the flowers for the hair and then we shoot some pictures... She is just to sweet."

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