Christina Mallet on Instagram: Featuring Posy Quarterman @posyq

Posy. Posy Q.

Posy Quarterman.

P. Quarterman.

@Posyq of the PDX*

I have been mind stalking her name since I came across her amazing talent. I keep wondering what I would be if I had been given her name, or one like her's.



When I was looking through Posy's brilliant mobile phone images, I was struck by how each individual image could serve as a fabulous writing prompt. Β The rich textures, layers of light, and environmental elements, like the mossy, wet, darkish woods, so characteristic of the Pacific North West (PNW), are not only captivating to look at, they could also be the canvases for some compelling and memorable stories.

The juxtaposition of the dark forests and skies, which are such a big part of life in the PNW, and her photos' main character, her daughter, with her girlish charm and classic beauty, could not be more fairy-tale like. The dark and the light, along with the beginning, middle, and end, are the things that make stories. So let's make one, okay?

I organized Posy's photos into a chronology that I think could be a nice little story. What's the story? You tell me. No, for reals, tell me.

Your 6 sentence story could win you fame and it could also win you a cool take away.

If you're interested, visit this page and read all the details.

But back to the whole point of this post, Posy Quarterman and her images. They are gorgeous and once again, the notion that the camera does not make the photo, the photographer does, is proven!

Be sure to check out Posy's Instagram feed @posyq, and also check out her website, for more Posy-tively fabulous images (a pun, but not a bad one, if you ask me).

Happy Almost Friday Favorites y'all!




*PDX what the cool kids call Portland, Oregon.