Friday Favorites: Family

  family is where we grow love, it is our roots, our story, our home. we learn to be ourselves with our families, whether we follow or fly away. we learn to love and laugh and pick ourselves up, to connect and defend. the place where we are most real, most safe, can be so far away, but so rooted inside us too. when my daughter was smaller, i used to tell her that all you needed to make a family was love that would never go away. it is not always happy, sometimes quiet, sometimes too loud, but hopefully a beautiful song that we choose.

going through so many of these images, i am so struck by how connected we all are. that magic, glowing, too big for our bodies feeling that i get about my children, or my parents - we all share that for someone. we are all hungry for love and community and a sense of shelter. seeing it, really seeing it, in these beautiful photographs touches me beyond words. thank you for sharing yourselves with us.

- Amy Grace

J is for Jane

Horse and Feather Photography

Kate T. Parker Photography

Lynne Raspet/Two Poppies

Isabel Furie Photography

Tytia Habing Photography

Sara Garcia Photo Art

DeAnna McCasland Photography


B Life Photography