Christina Mallet on Instagram: Featuring Margaret Jacobsen @margejacobsen

In honor of this week's Friday Favorite challenge, Family, I've switched up my schedule of features to bring you the work of a photographer whose work I love and whose family looks a tad like mine. The name Margaret Jacobsen may sound familiar to you because she was a Little Bellows feature, for her big camera work, back in January. However, I also want to make her the poster child of the "It's not the camera, it's the photographer" credo that I wholeheartedly believe in.

Mobile photography and Instagram, at least to me, are not about perfection. Personally, I think mobile photography is the most authentic form of image making done these days, and Instagram is the tool for sharing your beautifully composed and compelling raw images. Life isn't perfect and neither is your camera, so use your nearly perfect brain to rock that little camera and prove to the world, like Margaret, that it's the photographer, not the camera.

So, a Public Service Announcement: Dear Photographers, take the people who believe your phone photos are of lesser artistic merit, under your wing. Tell them something that helps them understand what we all know to be true, that the photographer makes the photograph, not the camera. You might also want to throw a bit of drama into your instruction. Something they'll never forget, like "Geez, what a shame. Did you know that every time a camera gets the credit for a fabulous photograph, deadly looking fangs are drawn onto a pony poster, somewhere?"

Be sure to check out Margret's @margejacobsen 's Instagram feed!

Happy almost Friday.

Over and out y'all,