The Itchy Eyes Photography: New Beginings

I  love that we get submissions from photographers all over the world!  Seeing a family interacting with one another, in their home, with their baby is just a beautiful thing.  It's this sense of love and connection that binds us all together, regardless of where we live on this globe. This adorable family session comes to us today from The Itchy Eyes Photography in Brisbane Australia.  I can't decide if my favorite image is the one of the chubby little baby legs, or the family all snuggled in bed together.  All I know is that these photos make me feel happy when I look at them.  They are precious!

-Sandra Coan

"This session is a young family - Lauren and Wayne (their Australian colloquial names being Lozza and Wazza - as all their friends refer to them).  They have travelled the world and settled down to raise their family in Brisbane.  Except their hometown is Melbourne…  You know how it is as a young family away from your own family - you long to have the family to share it with, to have someone come over to visit and just do the washing up for you.   It's a challenge raising kids without family support.  So the heartstrings tugged and they prepared to move back to their hometown.  They contacted me to do a shoot to represent their time in Queensland, their starting point of being a family.  "

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