Friday Favorites: Rain and Fog

It has been a very rainy and foggy winter here in Seattle, and quite frankly, it's bringing me down!  I really needed to see these images you all submitted to remind me that this weather has beauty to it.  Thank you all for the inspiration!  Once again, the amount of amazing photos blew me away! As many of you already know, this week my dear friend and sister-in-law Cat Thrasher and my older brother Jim Coan welcomed a new baby into the world.  It's left me feeling warm and weepy all week.  And so in honor of the newest member of my family, I'm asking that next week you submit your favorite "Family" images to our Facebook wall (sized no smaller that 600 pixels wide).  The lovely and talented Amy Grace will be making the choices for next week's Friday Favorites (as I'll be on my way to Hawaii!!!!!), but I'll be keeping a close eye on what you post!  I can't wait to see!

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Sandra Coan


Kirsty Larmour Photography

Summer Murdock Photography

J is for Jane

Sallykate Photography

ME Photographia

Whitney Ulven

Simplee Photography

Lemondrops Photography

Ann Tyer

Jennifer Dell Photography

Kate T. Parker Photography