Christina Mallet on Instagram: Featuring Amy Drucker (@amydrucker)

Amy Drucker's beautiful mobile phone photos tell the story of two boys growing up in her house. Also being a boy Mama, to one boy, and seeing Amy's images of her two boys side by side is both a trip back and forward, in a mom-time machine, at the same time. It's also a total find-muck--I can feel both glad that my son is no longer a baby and at the same time wish he was. This made me a little weepy. Amy's photos have been resonating with me ever since I first saw them on Instagram, but this week, they are especially poignant for me.

My Xander is six and this week his first pre-pubescent blemish appeared. Lately, I've also noticed the very faint shadow of a boy-stache, if I look down on him, in just the right light. And then there's the current upsurge in sass.

All of this is a reminder that we have one foot out the door of babyhood and are heading in the direction of tween. Amy's photos really brought this home for me.

The contrast between her sweet angelic boy and her handsome young teenager is striking. And the juxtapositions of childhood and teenager just keep on. There's the little one laughing and hugging his pal, and sucking his thumb asleep, and in contrast there is her teenager getting ready in the mirror, having a private moment of teenage angst, and then sitting in solitude playing his guitar.

When I first asked Amy to let me write about her and show you her work, I asked her to send me photos of her oldest boy because I found her ability to capture a dark teenage sophistication of him really intriguing. She asked me if she could send images of other parts of her life and I'm so glad she did. The way the very different images, of her very different aged sons, play off of each other is brilliant story telling, and a much deeper story than just that of growing up. Her images also tell the story of what it is to be a mother watching this happen and letting your perceptions of your child change with them.

Check out Amy's gorgeous images of her boys, below. You can see more of her work on Instagram--her alias is @amydrucker, and also on her website, Amy Drucker Photography.

And finally, I'd love to take this last line to send you all some love, on this here Valentines Day!

May your day be sweet, but may the 364 days before and after today, when you're not required to give and receive love, be even better!

Mwah, I kiss you.