Amy Lynn Imaging: Little Girl in the Fog

I love this playful foggy session by New Hampshire photographer Amy Lynn!  These image are so sweet and fun!  Beautiful portraits, shot perfectly.  I also love (and am a little envious) that Amy's daughter was such a willing participant!  That must be such a joy!!  Thank you Amy for sharing! -Sandra Coan

What really touches me about this session, aside from this sweet face and big smile, is the way Amy describes it. It is a wonderful gift when your subject is brimming with willingness and excitement, and really puts her whole self into the pictures. Especially when that subject is your daughter. What a precious set of wintery images, and lovely, cherished portraits.

- Amy Grace

From Amy:

"This is a session that my daughter and I planned together! Being my model has grown on her, and she absolutely loves to do it. This session is special to me because almost all of the posing was her idea! Including that moody serious face :) She chose her outfit too. Being able to capture her both as my subject, and as her true, beautiful self, is a gift that I wouldn't trade for all of the money in the world. We had a real connection, and we both saw the beauty in that fog! Every image reminds me just how lucky I am :)"

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